Tumut Accommodation – Elm Cottage, Pet Friendly

My wife Deborah and myself are true tree changers. Sick of the stresses of city life we chucked it all in to turn a dream into reality, Elm Cottage… a holiday destination for everyone where families can reconnect, loved ones spend that quality time together, and to just relax and recharge the batteries away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Elm Cottage opened for business in 2004 with just 2 cottages River Gum and Blue Gum and over the past 14 years we have developed a further 3 cottages, 4 spaced at 80 metres apart providing each with privacy while the

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5th cottage River’s Edge is some 600 metres away.River’s Edge is a delightfully renovated old managers quarters from the original sheep station that sits just 18 metres from the river bank.

With over 2 miles of river frontage and catering for only 30 guests we have developed five ‘parklike’ areas that provide guests with their own private river frontage to re-energise ones senses and rekindle family connections. We have grown the business on sustainable lines, have undertaken a revegetation program and carbon emission reduction plan that includes a substantive program to re-introduce the endangered Tumut Grevillea, while planting over 4000 native trees and shrubs and introduction of solar and battery storage.